Password sharing with up to 6 users may soon be possible in Google Chrome

Remembering passwords and entering the password credentials for logging into an account can be troublesome for some users. For this reason, Google introduced the Password Manager, which helps users store their passwords and use them with ease. However, sometimes we have to share our account details with other users and that is not possible currently until or unless a user manually or verbally shares them.

To resolve this problem, tech giant Google has come forward with a solution that will enable users to share their account details with others. Using this new feature, users could share their account credentials with up to six other users. Well, it appears to be an incomplete solution to this problem.

The above-mentioned feature was discovered by Leopeva64, the browser expert. Users will initially be able to exchange passwords with other Google family members. That means you may create a family group with up to six members if you use Chrome and wish to share your passwords with others.

Currently, the feature is not available. Once it goes live, a new share button in the Password Manager will appear. It will enable users to share the password credentials. As soon as the button is clicked, a list of the members of the Google family group will appear. Select the user with whom you want to share the password, and you are good to go. Users will be prompted to create a family group if they don’t already have one. After the creation of a family group, password sharing is possible.

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