Google Chrome is preparing a mobile-friendly new tab page

According to some recent pieces of information, Android smartphone users will soon receive a new updated tab page for Google Chrome. The new updates were spotted in the Chrome Canary (build version 120). Some features of the Google app, which is accessible for Galaxy smartphones and other Android devices, are included in the update.

With the fresh new design, a large search bar can be found. It lists out the most-viewed pages in a box that is enclosed in rounded corners. The background page can pick up the prominent color of the phone’s background. Google is now experimenting with a white or dynamically colored search bar. Users may also choose between a single-line carousel or two rows of page labels.

In accordance with the information found on the Google News Telegram Channel, the new update will improve the user experience. It will provide a fresh and visually appealing look to the most famous web browser. Users can access the new modifications by activating the Surface Polish flag in the stable version of Chrome. Do remember that it should be updated to version 118.

One thing to notice here is that the previous design with a square and low-contrast search bar will be activated by turning on the Surface Polish flag (chrome://flags/#enable-surface-polish) on version 118. In order to access the new design, users must download Chrome Canary. Currently, there are no details on when the new updates will arrive in the stable version of the Google Chrome browser app.

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