Google Chrome now has a bottom address bar.. for iOS

iOS users can now modify the appearance of the browser on their devices. Notably, users can edit the location of the address bar. It can be switched between top and bottom locations. Google gives users of iOS devices a sense of unity between Safari and Chrome by allowing them to perform this.

Earlier this year, the company rolled out this feature to a few beta testers. It is now ready to be rolled out to all users. Previously, Apple rolled out a similar feature to Safari with iOS 15. Giving consumers the flexibility of choice is the goal of this update, which was first released for the Apple Safari browser and is now accessible for Google Chrome. They can choose the region of their screen where they want their address bar to be by using this feature. You can now relocate the Chrome address bar to the bottom of your screen if you’re one of those iOS users who is sick of seeing it at the top.

Moving the address bar on Google Chrome for iOS

It is quite simple to relocate the address bar on Google Chrome for iOS. First and foremost, update your app through the App Store. Once the app is updated, open it, click and hold on the address bar, and a pop-up will appear. You will see options like a copy link and the new “move address bar to the bottom” option. Tap on it, and you are good to relocate the address bar to the bottom.

One thing to notice here is that doing so will give Google Chrome some resemblance to the Safari app. In any case, it will make the address bar more accessible. We can expect this feature to make its way to Android devices in the future.

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