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Google Chrome On Android Tablets Gets A Revamp

Google is finally taking tablets seriously. The Internet company has started distributing a new update for the Chrome browser, which will give it significant improvements for operation on large touchscreens – after many years.

The Chrome team has started rolling out a new update for the browser to users of Android-based tablets that brings a number of interface improvements. The controls will be adjusted to better utilize the capabilities of larger screens.

Websites always accessible in desktop mode

With the update, Google introduces, among other things, the option of permanently surfing in desktop mode so that the mobile versions of websites are not always displayed first. This allows access to certain menus and buttons in addition to the mostly different appearance, according to the Chrome team in a blog post.

Chrome now also offers a new tab overview on tablets, which makes it easier to find specific content when there are many open tabs. The tabs are displayed with a preview in a grid, so you don’t necessarily have to work your way through a large number of small tabs at the top of the window.

Improvements for handling tabs on tablets

In addition, Google is introducing a new “side-by-side” design that makes it easier to work with the tabs in multitasking mode with a second app open next to the browser. If multiple tabs are displayed side by side at the top of the window and the individual tabs shrink too much due to a large number, the button for closing tabs is now hidden to prevent accidental closing of tabs.

Instead, the respective tab must first be tapped in this case to bring it to the foreground, and then the button to close the tab must be pressed. If you still close a tab that was actually needed, you can now easily restore it with just one step. Google also offers the option of switching between the different tabs with a simple swipe gesture.

Of course, the innovations in the operation of Chrome on tablets are not accidental. Google is currently preparing to introduce its own Pixel series tablet, which is why it is investing in the browser’s user interface. On the one hand, this is of course to be welcomed, because the improvements benefit all Android tablets. On the other hand, one wonders why Google tablets as a browsing platform have obviously not been taken very seriously and have therefore been neglected.