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Android Tablets to receive updates for Chrome

During the last few years, we saw a revival in Android tablets. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously it was deemed that Chrome didn’t work well for tablets.

Do you find it difficult to use chrome on your Android tablets? Do you wish that it could be more accessible to use when it comes to features? Don’t worry Google has just found the solution to your problem. Now android tablet users can enjoy the latest features and updates added to Chrome.

Recently, Google announced new features for Chrome with a special focus on Android tablets. The various features are established with a special focus on Android tablets. Additionally, Google confirmed that the latest features will also be a part of their Pixel tablet. Pixel tablet by Google is set to release in 2023.

For beginners, Chrome is introduced with an auto-scroll feature. The auto-scroll feature enables the users to swipe laterally and switch between the tabs. It is quite more convenient compared to shifting back and forth between the websites. Additionally, Google added the news that it will hide the close button. The purpose of this feature is to avoid the accidental closure of tabs when they get too small.

But is this so? No, Wait. The updates and added features don’t stop here.

A visual tab grid view is also introduced. As per said by the company the latest visual tab gird view would be accessible via an upward swipe. Additionally, a drag and drop support will also be part of the upgraded features. The drag-and-drop support will allow the users to drag the text, links, and images from the web browsers to other apps.

Like the feature of tab view on Chrome for computers, a similar feature will be introduced to android tablets. But we must wait for this update. As google remarked that this development is on its way. It will be coming soon instead of being readily available to use.

In addition to this, a desktop mode for Chrome for tablets is also hyped. Though, this feature is already available. The statement by google suggests a few slight changes. For instance, it might now be available on a site-by-site basis.

Certainly when it comes to comparison Chrome needs much more updates for tablets compared to its desktop version. We can hope to see some other updates to Chrome on Android tablets like that of desktop chrome in the future.

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