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Google Chrome: Is Planning To Introduce Built-In Ad Blocking Feature

According to some Google Inc officials, Google is considering to add a feature in their most famous and widely used “Chrome browser” in both Android and Desktop versions. The ad-blocking feature will let users to block and filter out certain types of ads that are not of their interest or provide bad experience to them.

Google is able to announce this feature officially in the next few weeks, but people are expecting Google will not proceed with this update, as it may affect their own advertising platform.

Better Ads is the industry group which released industry standards in advertising, those standards indicate that ads that interact with users without their permission doesn’t come under consumer acceptability threshold, ads like pop-ups, auto-playing videos with sound, ads with countdown timers are included in that.

Some people argue, there is a possibility of blocking all offending ads that appear on the web instead of blocking ads individually. But Google has denied commenting on the feature which is underway.

Google might be considering this feature as counterproductive; obviously it would affect Google’s online advertising revenue and let her focus on more innovative projects for future growth.

Some experts say, Ad-blocking tools are growing rapidly in the last few years, which could directly curb the overall advertising industry, but by taking this initiative Google would be able to take control of the system. People are not likely to install and use third party ad-blocking tools if Google itself provide them with this opportunity. A study reveals that 26% of U.S users add third party ad-blocking tools in their desktops.

Google is hoping to quell the growth of ad-blocking tools with this update, but there is another side of the picture. There are still many people out there who are not happy with the ads shown to them but they do not use any third party tools due to lack of trust in those apps. Google offering would definitely increase the percentage of people who are currently blocking ads.

But the growth of ad-blocking tools is creating serious problem for Google. It is a concern for other online publishers and websites owners who rely on advertising revenue to support their businesses.

Chrome browser accounts for a large portion of browsing globally, switching on ad-filters within the chrome will give more control over the ad-blocking situation, industry experts say.

In the U.S. Chrome has nearly 47.5% of the browser market across all platforms, according to online analytics provider StatCounter.