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HTC Will Be Launching Squeezable U Phone “Ocean” Probably In May


HTC has sent out flyer to their customers with a tagline, “Squeeze for the brilliant U” indicates that HTC has already completed the final touches of their new Squeezable U phone. The phone is expected to hit the market shelves on May 16.
Have you head of the HTC “ocean” in the news lately? The phone is coded with a code name “Ocean” likely to be called HTC U. The touch sensors in the phone are installed on the edges of the phone which means you will be able to interact with the phone by squeezing it.
This is the whole new concept while looking into the current market flagships, imagine you would be carrying phone in your right hand and stuck in the train during rush hours, with ordinary phones you must have to look at the screen bring it closer to your eye and touch the screen probably with your other hand to perform any tasks. With this new comer you might be able to use squeezing signals to instruct your phone.
HTC U is being rumored to have 5.5 inch display, 835 Snapdragon processor, 16MP rear and 12MP front camera with latest Android Nougat 7.1