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Google Chrome has rolled out its latest features; Memory and Energy Saver modes

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As Google announced last September, the most recent memory and energy-saving features are not yet available to the public.

These features are already working as defaults and can be turned off by tapping on performance in settings.

Chrome memory saver

This feature is designed in such a way that it will automatically free up space from the tabs that are no longer being used so that resources can be provided to other pages and apps on your computer. These features will remain unchanged and will be reloaded when you open them.

An icon containing a speedometer will appear in the search icon and will indicate when the tab is active again. This feature will improve Chrome’s performance and make it even faster to work on. During the inactivation of tabs, all the memory being saved for other tabs will be provided for other tasks and is alterable in settings.

This feature will also let you create a list of pages that you need to keep constantly active, and the memory saver will not affect these tabs, so you don’t need to wait until the page gets refreshed for the tabs in this list.

Chrome’s energy-saving feature

This second latest feature of Chrome is named “energy saver.” This will save your device’s energy by limiting background activity and reducing visual effects. This feature will also limit the animation, provide smooth scrolling, and reduce frame rates. When this feature is enabled, you will notice some differences in game and video performance. This icon is represented by a leaf on the right side of the omnibox and can be disabled immediately.

Although you can turn on and off these features from the settings, They will be enabled automatically under two conditions.

  • when the battery is 20% or lower.
  • can be turned on when the computer is unplugged.

This feature will take some time to be rolled out with Chrome 110 on Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks in the coming days.