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Google Chrome is adding new features to its Picture-in-Picture mode


While doing our work, we tend to enjoy some music in order to get our minds relaxed while working. Some Chrome users prefer picture-in-picture mode for playing music videos in the background. This feature lets users leave the page and work on other tabs while the video keeps playing in the bottom corner of the screen.

This feature is quite important as it can give you more control over your browser activity. Through this feature, users are able to move onto different tabs while the video keeps playing instead of staying stuck in the video tab of their browser. Users that need to work side by side while watching a tutorial or any other video can find this feature really handy.

Google is planning some more advanced and user-friendly options for this feature. Chrome will get these new features, which will significantly improve its functionality. Let’s dive into some of these upcoming features.

Upcoming features of Google Chrome’s picture-in-picture mode

According to reports, Google intends to update its picture-in-picture mode with new features.These improvements will make the feature easier for its users. This new feature will allow users to control the display of video using a picture-in-picture interface.

There are some limitations to this feature in the current version. Through this source, the user is unable to control the videos being played on the small screen. In the current version, the user needs to switch to the video tab in order to pause or play video.

The latest update will let users play, pause, or forward the videos within the small screen. Users are not required to switch to the browser in which the video is playing. Other than this, there are also many other features coming with the update that are changeable as per website permission.

Some of the latest features regarding online meeting sites (Zoom, Google Meet) are also added to the update. These latest features will let users mute, message, or raise their hand in a meeting through this small screen. These latest additions to the feature will make it much more convenient.

There are many other improvements that will be made to this feature that aren’t mentioned here. Although we cannot predict when these features will be available, when they do, they will be made available through an update to the Chrome browser.

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