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Google Chrome To Get New Password Feature


A couple of months ago Microsoft had launched a feature in Edge browser which allow users to check for leaked passwords, a similar feature is now followed by the search engine giant, Google Chrome is to get another function in the fight against weak passwords. There are now tentative notifications to indicate the danger. The whole thing starts in the Google Chrome Canary version.

So far it has been the case that Chrome has already included a feature with which the “Have I Been Pwned” password database is used to check whether one’s own log-in data has been disclosed during a password hack. Users will then receive a warning and should change these log-ins as soon as possible. Google initially implemented the function via an extension and has now integrated it directly as standard for a few months to improve user security.

Now, according to Techdows Google is now testing whether a password is a weak one, i.e. a password that is easier to crack. Chrome could then also warn if the data has not yet been disclosed by third parties in the network, i.e. basically give a precautionary notice, as is already known from platforms that warn of weak passwords when creating an account.

“Check password”

It then remains open to the user whether the password is changed or not. In any case, the warning should always appear if not enough attention is paid to a secure log-in. If you want, you can have a random password generated, which meets the criteria for secure log-ins better than what has been used so far. The new function, in conjunction with the “Check password” option, is intended to improve user security, even if it does not intervene directly.

According to Techdows, this feature is currently only available to Google Chrome Canary users. After a few tests, the feature should then be released to all users quickly.