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Google Asks Developers To Prepare For 5G

As soon as Google has presented its first 5G smartphones, the Android developers are already advised that they should prepare their apps for 5G. Apps and games should now be revised accordingly, according to Google.

Google calls on Android developers to prepare for a 5G world – so that Android apps can fully benefit from the advantages of 5G in the future. The company also has a few examples of how 5G will offer new possibilities: On the one hand, 5G now enables data transmission that was otherwise only possible in WLAN. This should offer completely new options, especially for video chats and multiplayer games.

On the other hand, augmented reality content is likely to gain significantly with 5G because in the past AR content had to be cached. Now they can blend in more seamlessly. A third important change that 5G will bring is that significantly more content can be loaded onto smartphones thanks to fast and unlimited data flat rates. The streaming of content of any kind is also playing a more prominent role in applications thanks to higher speeds. In the Android developer blog, Google now writes: “Connectivity is the elixir of life that brings all experiences on the phone to life and helps us to connect, communicate with and express ourselves to the people who are important to us As an app developer, this mission is as important today as it has ever been. You have probably already heard the buzz around 5G and asked yourself: What does this mean for my app? While we are dealing with Media & Games as part of #11WeeksofAndroid, two areas where 5G offers a lot of potentials, we wanted to show you ways in which you can use the advantages of 5G for your app or your game.

In order to provide further ideas for the use of 5G and to support developers, Google has now put together a new help page for Android developers. The Android SDK emulator has also been given new functions for testing without developers needing a 5G device or a corresponding network connection.

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