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Google Chrome users can now ditch their passwords

For a while, Google has been working on excluding passwords, and they took it to the next step today. As the Verge reported, Google users can now use passkeys instead of passwords. It’s out with the new release of Chrome.

Passwords will help Google Chrome users stay secure.

As technology advances, so do spammers’ methods for obtaining the necessary information. In that scenario, it’s quite hard these days to keep your logins safe. There are a lot of scammers all around you who are ready to steal your data. It is the point where passwords are most convenient to grab on to.

However, the type of passwords increases the risk of them being stolen.If you have a password that can be guessed easily, it will definitely get stolen and give access to your account with destructive amendments.

Another common issue is forgetting your password. Forgetting how to get access to your accounts can be problematic. We often get into the trouble of forgetting the password and have to reset it a number of times when we can’t remember it.

Google came up with the brilliant idea of assigning a unique key to a user. A passkey will be a unique way to identify you. A passkey is a service that will be able to identify you individually. The identifier will be stored on your device. Also, it can be stored on any of your storage devices, like an SD card or flash drive.

For a login to a new device, the server will generate a new passkey API to confirm your identification. Once it has verified your identification, it will let you log in.

Imagine this in a way: if you login to your device with a passcode and another person sees it, they can access your device. But if your device is secured with a fingerprint, no one is able to access it.

We need this in action.

So, how will this passkey function?

If you have your passkey stored on your phone and want to login on your laptop or another device,It will generate a new QR code for identification, and by scanning that code, you will be able to login to the new device. Another service will be accessing the passcode on a person’s flash drive.

You will be able to use passkey with Chrome version M108. You can also access it on Android, iOS, or Windows 11. Although we are still a long way from eliminating passwords entirely, this is a step in the right direction.