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The recent update of Google Camera catches up with older Pixel phones

Since the arrival of Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, the first Feature Drop update has been added as of the following week. As per the updates, most of the features are exclusive to this particular device. In addition to new wallpapers and changes in Settings on Android, Google plans to introduce some Pixel 7 tools to the Camera app. It is just days after the renovation macro mode on the current flagship.

Macro Mode is specified for Pixel 7 Pro. Whereas the Camera 8.7, responsible for bringing previous Google phones with the latest 2022 flagships is presented with few changes. As per 9to5Google, the update is available through the Play Store. It introduces a bunch of changes to smartphones starting off from the Pixel 4a series.

These phones are based on playing catch-up. It is not surprising that these features are not new at all. Since they already have been witnessed on Pixel 7. Where Pixel 7 received the Camera 8.7 as an upgrade scheduled with launch day. As of the current update, double-tap zoom is added. Double tapping on the frame zoom sin by two times. Where the frame zooms out when double-tapped for the second time. It is quite useful for one-handed shots.

In addition to this, saving photos has become easier. When you press and hold the gallery shortcut, you are presented with an option to change the destination of the file. Thus, making storage of photos in a private gallery easier. Furthermore, 9to5 reports declare that Familiar Faces have made their way back to the app for the first time in a period of seven months.

Sadly, Night Sight remains unaffected in contrast to the Pixel 7 series. The latest phones by Google permit users to manually adjust exposure time. It is not certain whether this feature will make its way to older phones or not.  You can access these upgrades from the Play Store or via the APK Mirror to have the recent APK.