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Google Chrome wants to make Memory Saver clearer

Early in 2023, Google included its Memory Saver in Chrome, but the company plans to continue enhancing it with the following Chrome updates. Once enabled, the feature automatically closes background tabs that haven’t been opened in a while, but it leaves them open in your tab bar so you can quickly reload them if necessary. We may anticipate some much-needed cosmetic improvements with Chrome Canary 116.

As noted by renowned Chrome sleuth @Leopeva64, when a tab is snoozed, the card that displays below it will provide you with additional information. You will be able to see specifically how much RAM Chrome saved by freezing the concerned tab. The minor but helpful change makes it easier to understand how Chrome’s Memory Saver works without the need to navigate through any more menus. When you hover over an inactive tab, an animation with an estimated memory savings is displayed.

The Memory Saver badge, which displays in the address bar when a frozen tab is enabled once more, is another area in which Google is attempting to include the same information. Here, Google is attempting to include a fictitious graph that will show whether the amount of RAM you have saved is significant. The addition to the hover card still provides you with some information that is immediately accessible, even though this graphical representation is perhaps more beneficial for the ordinary browser user than the raw MB savings.

The icons for idle tabs that are now greyed out are another interface change Google is working on to make Memory Saver’s operation clearer. By turning on the chrome://flags/#memory-saver-savings-reporting-improvements flag, you may view all these changes in Chrome Canary.

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