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Accessibility apps won’t be subject to Reddit’s new API price


Reddit has just recently introduced new changes to its API policy. Previously, Twitter has also introduced modifications to its API pricing. Some fresh pieces of information indicate that the new API prices won’t be applicable to the accessibility apps. However, they will be implemented by third-party app developers. Besides this, the company has decided to abandon 5% of its workforce. Moreover, Reddit is also limiting the new hires for the company. Previously, the company intended to add 300 new workers to its team, however, the number has now reduced to just 100 new hires.

This information comes from The Verge. The company is working on a policy that will exempt the developers of non-commercial apps. Thus, focusing on the accessibility requirements. One official from the company shared some selected developers of accessibility apps connected with the company. The company offered them an exemption from the large-scale API pricing.

Well, the new API charging policy is quite expensive for third-party app developers. Another thing to consider here is that the company might charge for API based on the financial position of the third party. If this happens, then it could cost millions of dollars to some third-party app developers which could eventually lead to shutting down the apps. Reddit will be charging Apollo $20 million per year for API access.

Many third-party Reddit apps are built for accessibility

Apollo is one of the third-party apps for Reddit. There are several third-party apps for Reddit like Dystopia, RedditForBlind, and Luna for Reddit. Besides Apollo, all others are designed for accessibility. They enable users to gain an interactive experience with the platform. Well, the company is currently facing a backlash against its API charging policy. In response to the Reddit policies, several subreddits like r/Blind and r/NewOrleans will close their services from June 12th to June 14th in protest.

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