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Google Clock App Bug Would Not Wake You Up On Time

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According to user reports, the Google Clock App no ​​longer reliably wakes you up. Instead of an alarm at the selected time, you only get a notification that you missed the alarm. Those affected have been complaining about the problem in the Play Store for a long time.

If you want to be woken up by your smartphone alarm clock, you can basically rely on it. But of all things, the Google Clock App is currently struggling with a bug that affects many users around the world. The alarms planned by the user in the app are now useless for many, as the app switches itself off when the alarm occurs instead of starting an alarm tone.

The annoyed user reports are piling up. In the Play Store, you can now find a flood of 1-star reviews, all of which report the same problem. It seems that the scheduled alarms feature in the Google Clock app is not working for many users as the bug is preventing preset alarms from being triggered. But what is behind it is still unknown.

Alarms are skipped quitely

In a thread on the subreddit for Pixel Smartphones, those affected found that many devices simply skipped their morning alarms or were not showing up as “upcoming” on their Android devices. The problem also shows all previously scheduled alarms as “missed” shortly after the alarm has been preprogrammed as Android Authority reported. At first, you could get the impression that only Google Pixel smartphones are affected, but there are also reports from other devices. The complaints come from owners of devices from all major OEMs, including OnePlus, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

Research into the causes has not yet come very far. Some suspect it could be related to Android’s “Do Not Disturb” mode. If it is activated, it now seems to override the alarm clock, although this is not intended. According to the Android Authority, Google is aware of the faulty clock app and noted in a support article that the problem is “being investigated with product and technology teams”. Until there is an update, it is better to use a different clock as an alarm clock.