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You can now create AI playlists with prompts on Spotify

Slowly and gradually Generative AI is making its way to several products. In the internet world, it can be found nearly everywhere from smartphones to computers, web browsers, and others. With time, companies are understanding the significance of AI and incorporating it in their products and services.

Recently, we learned that Spotify introduced an AI DJ feature. As of now, the company is experimenting with another AI feature. Reportedly, Spotify is beta testing AI playlists feature. On April 7, the company announced AI playlists feature for its Premium members. As the name suggests, the feature enable users to generate playlists with the help of a prompt. In an effort to highlight the new feature, the company quoted some examples including “a playlist that makes me imagine myself as the main character” and “relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season.”

According to the company, places, activities, emojis, colors, movie characters, and animals can be used as prompts. It went on to say that the best prompts incorporate decades, artists, moods, and genres; however, you can further customize these playlists with additional prompts. Additionally, Spotify stated that it had “measures in place” to deal with inappropriate suggestions.

Currently, the feature is under beta testing phase. From this aspect, we can’t expect a wide release at the moment. The new AI playlists feature is only available to Spotify users in the UK and Australia. We can expect it to arrive in more markets in the coming months.

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