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Google Corrected its Ever-Famous Cheeseburger Emoji in Android 8.1

Sundar Pichai—CEO Google promised to consider the cheeseburger emoji conversation at the time the question on the burger’s assembling was raised. As promised he worked on it and it is apparent that Android 8.1 is being shipped with changed and improved cheeseburger emoji in which the cheese is placed on top of the patty. Previously the cheese was placed underneath the patty and was the reason why the debate started in the first place. The changed cheeseburger of Google was first noted by Emojipedia.

The previous version of Google’s emoji cheeseburger had the cheese placement under the patty which by mutual consent everyone agrees to be incorrect. But no attention was given to it until in October Thomas Baekdal highlighted the improper placement and the world woke up to this issue.

Google has now corrected the cheese placement in its emoji cheeseburger, not only that the company has also made its emoji IRL.

Earlier this month Google served its employees with an “Android Burger” with cheese placed exactly like it is in emoji that is; below the patty.


There are minute differences in the emoji cheeseburgers offered by all the social networking websites or chat platforms. For example, Samsung piles up tomato, lettuce, cheese and then the patty, while Apple has them arranged with first the tomato, followed by the cheese then the patty and finally the lettuce leaves at bottom. This is generally the proper placement of the cheeseburger contents, I mean this is how it is served worldwide.

Anyway, it is interesting to learn that Google too has adopted the correct layering pattern for its emoji cheeseburger.

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