Google Discover stream will soon be available on desktop


Discover Feed is a place where users can find fresh news based on their interests, preferences, and history. It can be found on Android smartphones. For Android users, the Google Discover feed is a must-have feature, and it may soon be available for PC users as well.

The Discover Feed is enabled on Android smartphones by default. It can be accessed by swiping left on the home screen. Users can turn it off by opting for different options. Otherwise, it is a nice approach to staying updated. Users can refine their feed with the stories and topics they are most interested in by selecting their preferred stories.

The Discover feed might soon be available to desktop users

When you visit your desktop, if you’re used to viewing the Discover feed on your phone, you’ll be disappointed. When you visit the Google website, you are not greeted with your headlines, and the firm wants to change this. Google has reportedly started testing a Discover feed for desktop users, according to a report from MSPowerUser. At the time, this test was only available in India.

With the new feature, users can now find columns of news headlines under the search bar on the Google website. It will be a major modification since the UI on the Google website is mostly empty space. Just like the feed on Android smartphones, the feed on the desktop will be based on user preferences. Currently, there are no details on when this test will reach other regions. Things will become clear with time.

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