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A fixed search bar might be added to the Google Play Store app

Reportedly, Google is testing a new feature for the Google Play Store app. The new feature was spotted by AssembleDebug, in charge of the Google Apps Flags & Leaks Telegram community. Well, it is a simple change. Currently, the UI of the app shows a top search bar, a notification bell, and a profile picture that grants access to the profile option.

The new update won’t change any of this. Currently, when a user scrolls down the Play Store, the search bar goes away. It reappears when the user begins scrolling up again. As of now, the company is making a slight modification to the code. With the new changes, the search bar will now be fixed to the categories. You won’t have to scroll before using the search bar because it will always be close at hand.

The new feature can be activated now

The new feature can be turned on now. However, it needs to be rooted. It requires a flag change as well as GappsMod. So, the overall process is complicated. Given the fact that the feature is under testing, there is no certainty that it will make it to the stable version of the app or not.

On the UI side of things, Google runs a number of comparable tests, but not all of them are ultimately implemented. There wouldn’t be many users who would object if Google made this rather minor change. However, using a fixed search bar may be a little more user-friendly for those who are less tech-savvy.