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Google Docs New Features of Collaboration Are Available Now

Collaboration among teams working in an organization is increasingly becoming important while using the internet. Google docs is one of the tools which is widely used by teams around the globe, Google has now introduced faster collaboration in the latest version of Google Docs, Slides and Sheets.

A bunch of control mechanisms and formatting templates with built-in add-ons along with smart enterprise information search within the productivity apps. The version-control update would let you give a different name to each version of the document when the team is working on its progress collaboratively; from the first draft to final draft you can name different documents at different stages as it developed.

“Track changes” is utilized here in this version, you can track every named version of the document under version history, somewhat similar to Microsoft word’s feature of “track changes” or if you visit Wikipedia and go into revisions, you can track different revisions added and removed text etc.

In the previous version, you could only make changes to a collaborative team document on the desktop, now the latest version would allow you to make changes from Android and iOS device, the feature is available from the bottom right corner of the screen.

It will save lot of time with some new interesting options, reviewing punctuation edits, users can now accept or reject changes within the apps. The new tool is also there to have a clean preview of documents without comments and suggested edits.

Last year Google updated docs, slides, and sheets with custom templates, now the custom templates are open to add-on developers. The template gallery would provide you several new templates with built-in add-ons such as Mutual non-disclosure agreement template, Business Process Manual and consulting agreement.

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Another feature is integration of custom search product for enterprise, the tool uses machine learning to come up with cards containing links, you can use the search function using the explore button at the bottom of documents and slides, showing important details pertaining to Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar and sites under the cloud search tab.

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