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Now You Can Use Shazam App On Samsung TVs

Samsung is collaborating with Shazam app in order to bring in ease for Samsung TV lovers, Samsung is rolling out a new feature in their 2017 and later smart TVs which will allow users to find out what song is playing on the TV by simply tapping the button on the screen.

As Samsung announced in January’s event, Shazam and other new features in the Smart Hub, However, Samsung didn’t confirm when the feature would be available on its TVs at that time, now it’s ready to hit the TV lines of 2017 soon, Samsung has confirmed the news on its official website.

Shazam is the famous mobile app in the music genre, with over 400 million downloads and nearly 3.1 million reviews on the Play Store alone. The app is as popular on Apple Store as it is on Play Store which makes it touch the billionth benchmark, the company has announced last year a billionth download.

Shazam allows users to identify any song playing near the phone by just tapping the button, the app will turn on phones mic to listen to the song and in seconds it will bring out the history of the song with singer, album and music name.

Shazam integrated with Samsung smart TVs will allow you to use your remote to select Shazam button on the TV to identify which song is playing in the TV, Movie or any particular TV Show. The viewers can also view the lyrics and other data related to the artist and song.

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The best part is; if you have Samsung One remote control handy, you can simply shout “What song is it?” to trigger Shazam app which will bring the details on the screen instantly.

Besides benefits there is one drawback to it as well, if you use Shazam on the Samsung TV it will not be synchronized to your Shazam account on your mobile, mentioned in Shazam FAQ’s. IF you wish to keep the data saved in your account, it is better you keep using your mobile app rather than TV app.

But TV based Shazam does connect with other third party apps, it is possible to save songs to your playlists of Spotify, Deezer or Napster etc. The new Shazam update in Samsung TVs will be rolling out to popular destinations including South Korea, US, UK, Germany, and France.

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