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Google Drive and Photos Shutting Down—Google Backup and Sync To Replace Them

Google has announced on September 6 that its most popular cloud storage tools Google Drive and Google Photos are now decided to put an end on. Google said, from December 11 both the applications Google Drive and Google Photos will not receive official support onwards and after few months in March Google will remove these applications from the product line completely.

Looks like a shocking news to you right? Many of you might be using both the applications frequently to save your important documents, files, and photos but do not worry about it, Google is replacing these apps with something better.

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Google now has decided to combine all of its cloud storage solutions into one single app—Google had been spreading its wings to make the move from last July.

The new Google app is dubbed “Google Backup and Sync” for regular users, however, Enterprise G Suite customers will be able to access the upcoming Drive from September 26 when it will be launched officially.

Backup and Sync app works pretty much the same way like Google Drive and Google Photos, you can simply upload your data to the cloud, sync with the desktop app and that’s it.

However, Drive File Stream works somewhat differently, while it has all the other features of Backup and Sync it comes with some extra functionality which is handy for businesses.

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File stream users will have more detailed team collaboration integration, for instance, the users will be able to stream files on demand, and access team drives, and sync files when necessary. This feature will allow users to have more control over settings that can be changed at the administrative level, whereas; Backup and Sync only allow users to sync entire folder.

If you are a frequent user of Google Drive and Google Photos, it’s the time to start moving your data from them to Backup and Sync.

Not to worry about your data even if you forget to do the migration, Google will have your backup ready by October and will start giving you frequent notifications from time to time until you are all set to start your new cloud storage.

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