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Google Drive Will Soon Allow You To Backup Your Full System

Google drive is being turned in to a stronger backup tool. At the moment Google Drive monitor the files inside the drive. Now Google is coming up with new technology through which Google would be able to control and backup files from any folder, be it desktop, the full documents folder, or any other folder kept in any location within your computer.

Backup folder release date: June 28th, 2017

Backup folder name: Backup & Sync

Recommendation by Google: The regular users of Google Drive should download the App while the business users should keep using Google Drive for now.

It is expected that this new app would replace Google Drive as well as Google Photos Backup app

It is expected that through this App the user would be able to edit some of the files but whether that file would be able to open and sync in any other device or not is unclear.

Also adding this feature would constraint the Google Drive storage limit that is 15GB on free accounts. So for more space users would need to buy storage space.

The feature is useful and there was demand for something like this by users for quite some time. It is an achievement by Google undoubtedly who just won first position in BrandZ global rankings. These new innovative features for the people is the reason Google has maintained its first position in those ranking for two consecutive years.

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