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Plan9 introduces Launchpad 10 this Ramadan

Plan9 - PITB - Umar Saif

Entrepreneurs in Pakistan are growing fast and to help more, Plan9 is doing a lot. Punjab Information Technology Board introduced Plan9 initially, the largest incubation center in Pakistan and now they came up with LAUNCHPAD 10.

Plan9, since its launch, claims that they have received more than 3,000 applications. The incubation center believes in strengthening the young and helping the start their own venture. According to the largest incubation center in Pakistan, it’s far better for the youngsters to be their own bosses than hunting for jobs.

Since its first inception, Plan9 has accommodated more than 150 startups. These entrepreneurs have provided 1000s of new jobs for their young fellows and raised million of dollars.

Punjab is pushing young minds to be part of information technology: Dr. Umar Saif, Digital Punjab Initiatives

This idea first rolled out as an inspiration from Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has always been the heart for young minds. They want the youngsters to explore their creative sense and bring a change in the world.

Launchpads by Plan9 have always helped the young entrepreneurs. Screening, workshops, talks, and final presentations; are all the phases of their incubation process. And Pakistanis from all over the country have witnessed their victory. Where Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad have always stayed ahead.

To share your ideas and get a chance to change the world, Plan9 is giving entrepreneurs a platform to change their lives. To learn more about Launchpad, entrepreneurs could visit The Launchpad.

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