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Google Drive’s web version is getting Material you treatment

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In comparison with Android in 2021, it has totally leveled up its interface and display themes. Material you were introduced to by the company in 2021. With the release of this, the company has updated every application with this feature. As per the latest information from 9to5Google, this feature is now being added to the web version of the Google Drive app.

Material you isn’t just a mere feature for the platform; rather, it’s become a part of Google’s services. This feature is being introduced to iOS along with the web version of every application. This feature takes all Google services to the next level.

Google Drive we version is getting material you treatment

Google Drive acts as a cloud service for your application. As this is the home for all data stored by Google users, The web version of this application is holding onto the older version. But now it seems that Google is ready to give a similar treatment to this web version too.

This latest feature is now being rolled out to users. When you open the web version of the application, you’ll be able to see many changes after this update. There are many prominent changes added with this update. As for the “add up new file button, it is no longer a pill-shaped icon; it has changed to a square with rounded corners. Files and folders are turned into a more round shape. While the files are available in rounded blue boxes, they can be customized if other colors are available.

On the other side, on the left panel, there are some other recent design updates as well. You’ll notice that the list of objects is significantly shorter. Also, when you hover your cursor over them, you’ll see pill-shaped highlights on them.

The UI now appears more in line with what Google established in 2021. Nonetheless, certain things remained the same. To begin with, the form of the Get more storage button has not changed. Also, the drop-down menu that appears when you right-click does not change.

Google is currently rolling out this update for users. Just be patient a few days till it gets to you.

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