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Google Ends Cloud Print Service After Ten Years Of Beta Version

Google Print

Google has finally decided to end Cloud Print Service after a long time staying in Beta.

Google kept the Cloud Print in beta for 10 years, it could be a surprise for the people who are well organized and have great decision-making capabilities, but why Google has kept the service in Beta for so long and eventually discarded it, Google knows the best. Google might have given it time for any innovation, change in technology or changing dynamics could change the product launch but it seems all in vain.

Google first introduced Cloud Print in 2010, the service allowed users to print documents virtually from any device using the internet connection and from any location. The print tasks are then forwarded to cloud service which transfers them via previously installed software to the home personal computer. There were also printers that supported the service and could be addressed directly using their own network connection.

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The service, even for staying alive for a decade couldn’t make it to an official version, you can see the (beta) sitting there with the name logo of the service, now Cloud Print becomes obsolete when Google finally announces to end this service.

Google has announced that by the end of next year after 31st December 2020, Google said, “devices across all operating systems will no longer be able to print using Google Print service. We recommend that over the next year, you identify an alternative solution and execute a migration strategy.”