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Become A Millionaire By Hacking Titan M Security Chip On Google Pixel Devices

Google Android bug bounty

Hacking Titan M Security Chip on Google Pixel devices is not an easy job, that is why Google now pays you $1.5 million if you are able to hack its Titan M Chip Security on Google Pixel devices as a bug bounty program for Android.

Google’s Android bug bounty program for pixel devices becomes the highest bug bounty program ever. Earlier Google’s highest payout was just over $200,000 and now it goes up to 1 and half-million dollars which is a handsome amount for anyone to work day and night for months to make his fortune.

It’s good news for ethical hackers that Google has pushed the reward button for the people striving for finding loopholes in the products of giant tech companies like Google. However, it would also become extremely difficult to find those loopholes as the prize indicates.

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According to the previous data, Google only rewarded $1.5 million with an average payout of $3,800 per finding. Google paid the highest reward of $161,337 during 2019, Google still pays a lot of money to find security holes in Google Chrome browser, the company is paying the developers/hackers since 2010. Google has also raised Chrome bug bounty to $30,000 four months ago in July.

Google has become the bug bounty leader leaving iOS exploits behind, Google has made this decision after private companies announced Android bounties to $2.5 million as reported by CNET.  According to Casey Ellis, the found and CTO of Bugcrowd, “Google’s bounty has risen because “the skills needed to find these types of vulnerabilities in Google devices are rare and often tied up in the offensive market.

By upping the incentive to hackers, Google is making bug hunting for them more attractive, especially to those that might teeter the line between white hat and black hat,” he added. Whatever, the reason for raising the reward for bugs and exploits, Google has made it more attractive to hackers and people would definitely try their luck, skills, and expertise to find one, after all, it is the amount worth making endless efforts.

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