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Google Explains The Future of Search In a BBC report

Google hire graduates from around the world in their famous Mountain View Campus as soon as they leave their respective universities. Amol Rajan BBC reporter visits Google’s Mountain View campus and meets Google’s head of Google search, Ben Gomes to discuss the future of Google’ search.

The mountain view campus is designed like a university campus where everyone is cycling around. Amol explains that Google’s absolute core-competency is search. Search is what makes Google a dominant power in the tech world.

Google’s head of Search Ben Gomes is leading the search department of Google. When asked a question about the evolution and next stage of search Ben Gomes said, “We are taking Artificial Intelligence (AI) in “search” to a new level.”

“We are looking to use machine learning and artificial intelligence and these technologies to actually organize the information in a lot better way for the users, so people can find the information they are looking for even faster and more dynamically”—Said Ben Gomes.

In another question, Amol asked Ben Gomes to clear the doubts about AI and its use, because many people and even companies consider AI and its development a scary thing that could lead to a disaster. Ben Gomes says AI is just a next stage of computer learning in many ways, AI enables us to do things in a better way that we used to struggle with.

As we had machine translation before but it had some flaws previously, with the use of AI machine translation has become much better—he added.

Google’s mission is to make all the world information openly available as much as possible, but it becomes objectionable for many. Google is the part of the new economy which is anticipated as data economy in the modern world in which world superpowers and huge companies like Google owns huge amounts of personal data. The changing technology and innovation are paving the way for this new economy, there is no guarantee that Google will continue to dominate the tech world after years from now.