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Facebook Denies Logging Users texts, calls and private data without permission

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Facebook has been under immense pressure in a row of data breach which occurred last week, according to market watch, Facebook data breach affected 880,000 people,  government also issued notice to Cambridge Analytica a firm at the center point of breaching Facebook’s data, the same company was also found involved in data breach of Pakistani students over a PM laptop scheme.

However, Facebook on Sunday denied the allegations that Facebook has been logging Android Users’ calls and texts without any permission. Facebook said the feature is only opt-in, it allows users to enable or disable the feature, and when its enabled Facebook can see when the call and text were received or sent.

But, “there are several reports which claim that Facebook has been logging calls and texts data, without the permission, but that is not the case, People have expressly agreed to use the feature”, Facebook said in a statement.

According to Ars Technica, some of the Facebook users have discovered years of phone call metadata in their downloadable Facebook data file. Facebook asks permission to access phone’s contact data in order to improve friends recommendation feature the report said.

Facebook is continuously denying the reports and said it is only an opt-in feature for people using Facebook Messenger, it is true that we get certain permissions from Android users but uploading this information is always an option, Opt-in only—said Facebook. Additionally, the feature neither collect the details of texts and calls on the phone nor the information is sold to third parties.

After the report from the firm Cambridge Analytica which states that Facebook’s data was used by the company to run the campaign for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential elections. Cambridge Analytica is accused of misusing personal data of 50 million Facebook users and using the information to distort the Voters opinion in presidential campaigns.

However, Cambridge Analytica has also denied the use of information for Donald Trump in the election campaign 2016.

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