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Google Giving Away Android Data Backup App For Free

Backing up mobile phone data is still relatively easy when it comes to multimedia backups such as photos, videos, and music. Backing up app data becomes more difficult. Fortunately, Google is currently giving away a nifty app that is extremely popular with users.

Android backups are just as important as data backups on the PC, but this is too often neglected with smartphones. For many users, the effort is apparently too great to take care of data from apps.

Fortunately, Google is currently giving away a practical application that noticeably simplifies backups on the mobile phone: Buggy Backup Pro is available free of charge for a short time – we show you how you can get the app.

Buggy Backup Pro is not a classic app for data backup of multimedia content such as photos, videos, and music. These can be easily transferred to a PC using a USB cable and thus mirrored. The application data of apps, however, are not so easy to back up with on-board tools under Android.

The Buggy Backup Pro app, on the other hand, masters this with ease. In the app manager, you only have to select an application and determine the backup type. With Android, backing up to the cloud is practical, for example with Google Drive, as it is quick and does not require a lot of storage space. Advanced users with root access also have other functions available, such as backing up the entire app data.

It is practical to save the contact list in a VCF file that can be imported to other Android devices. So if you use two cell phones, you can easily transfer all phone numbers in the address book without typing around. The same thing works with messages via SMS or messengers such as Signal or Telegram.

Take a look at our Buggy Backup Pro download page to get the app for free.