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Google Working On “Phone Hub” Following Microsoft’s “Your Phone” App

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Microsoft has been offering an app and functionality called Your Phone or your smartphone for some time, with which you can easily connect your Android device to Windows 10. The Microsoft solution has since proven itself and now has a prominent imitator.

Microsoft’s Your Phone app was initially smiled at, and rightly so. Because in the first weeks and months after the presentation, the solution wasn’t exactly bursting with functionality. But Microsoft has constantly improved the application over the years and the app now also offers numerous practical features.

Google is preparing “Phone Hub”

And the whole thing has not escaped the Redmond Group’s competitors, because as 9to5Google reports, the search engine giant from Mountain View in California is also working on a very similar, if not to say the same, solution. This is called “Phone Hub on the Android side and is intended to enable notifications and the continuation of tasks on Chromebooks or Chrome OS, among other things. The plans for the seamless continuation of tasks mean that Google is not just copying, but thinking ahead. Or better said: You want to merge your phone with an Apple functionality, that is, combine the best of both worlds in Phone Hub. Chrome OS already supports the functionality called better together, but Phone Hub would go much further.

The connection between Android smartphones and Chromebook should be established via Bluetooth. Currently, however, the whole thing is only in an early stage of development, when the Californians could release the functionality is currently not known.