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Google has launched Messages to replace Texts, SMS on Android

Google has now started to roll out its new chat messaging app service, particularly designed to replace Texts, SMS messages on Android Phones.

However, the chat app has other features as well as compared to SMS, the features include group texts, videos, typing indicators and read receipts, these features are not available on standard texts/SMS messages.

The chat app will be integrated as the default messaging app on Android Phones, however, the mobile operators will have control over this app, it’s up to them if they wish to enable this chat app and allow users to communicate freely or disable the app, also the service would not offer encrypted messages. Google has been developing the service for many years, and now has begun to roll out the service globally on Android phones.

Android Messaging

The SMS is a short message service which was adopted in the 1990s globally, but the advanced messaging apps like, WhatsApp, Messenger and some others send messages over the internet. But the default messaging app on Android Phones is still a basic SMS client. Google has tried many times in the past to launch their own messaging app that could be adopted across the globe but failed. Google has announced on Thursday that the company is “pausing” the development of Allo which was launched in 2016.

Different Approach To Advanced Rivals

The time has not changed for Google, the company still have many advanced rivals that offer free messaging service over the internet to a large audience globally. Since Google has failed previously attempting to grab the audience’s attention with its messaging apps doesn’t necessarily mean that it will fail again.

However, the messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and some others have an incredibly large audience and the users love their services.

This time Google’s approach is quite different,

They have not brought new changes to the competition; rather they have changed the competition itself.

What does that mean? In a layman’s language, they are not playing chess with players that are champions but they are playing draughts in which Google can win easily. Google has been working with mobile operators, mobile phone manufacturers as well as app makers in order to integrate their app a standard messaging app on the Android operating system. The Mobile operators, manufacturers, and app-makers would be able to use the new technology to develop messaging apps that are compatible with one another.

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The standard is Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services (RCS) Google will chat app a different name which is consumer-friendly when the company rolls it out to Android devices.

Google has worked with more than 50 mobile operators including some big names such as; Vodafone, T-Mobile, Verizon and manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung, and LG.


Google has also addressed compatibility issues in the chat app, once Google rolls out the app globally Android users can use the app and its advanced features.

If the intended user doesn’t have the Android phone to receive messages, the system will be able to send messages like old SMS instead.

Google also said that RCS is the communications standard and the mobile networks and phone makers would be able to switch on the functionality.  Since the messages are sent over the internet, it will not use the user’s SMS allowance; the telecom companies might charge the fee to the customer for using Chat.

US mobile company Sprint has already allowed customers to use the Chat functionality and Rogers in Canada has also switched-on the service. While Apple is not the part of the project, Microsoft has supported RCS but it is not confirmed yet the company would offer Chat functionality in Windows 10 or not.

Samsung, on the other hand, will introduce its own software along with RCS service. Security experts have blown the whistle about the encryption because the service doesn’t provide encrypted communication. Google told Verge that RCS will continue to be the carrier-owned-service providing legal interceptions of the messages.

Google hopes to see the service accepted and widely available on Android phones globally within the next two years.

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