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Google Home Max Smart Speaker Discontinued

Rather than OK Google, it’s now ‘Goodbye Google’ to Home Max smart speaker, the highest-end smart speaker ever produced by the Mountain View giant. Google confirmed to The Verge that production has been permanently discontinued, and the related page on the Google Store indicates it has sold out in both the white and black variants. The company is keen to clarify that for those who already own the product, absolutely nothing changes: the support goes on exactly like all the other smart speakers and displays.

Home Max represents (by now it represented) the flagship model of Google’s bet in the smart speaker sector. It was unveiled about exactly three years ago, and with a list price of $ 399 it competed directly with products like the Sonos Play: 5, the Apple HomePod, or the Amazon Echo Studio. However, it never officially arrived here (like HomePod).

Google’s smart speaker offering currently consists of only two products, so: the Nest Mini and the Nest Audio. Both products are significantly cheaper, with a list price of 59 and 100 € respectively. The offer, at least for Europe, is completed with the Nest Hub, which however also has a display; in the USA and in other markets the Nest Hub Max is also added, which we were talking about just yesterday for the imminent arrival of video calls on Zoom. It is unclear whether Home Max will have an heir in the future.