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Google Increases YouTube Premium Prices

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In many countries, Google is currently informing its YouTube Premium members about an upcoming price increase. The family tariff is primarily affected, the basic fee for which will be increased by around 30 percent.

If you feel at home in the Google ecosystem, you will get a comparatively good offer with YouTube Premium. In addition to the ad-free playback of videos, background playback, and offline downloads, YouTube Music is also a music streaming service. So far, the premium subscription in Germany has cost EUR 11.99 per month for individual users (EUR 119.99 annually), EUR 6.99 for students, and EUR 17.99 for families with up to five members (13+ years) in the same household.

Price Increase In Various Countries

Now everything points to a timely price increase. By email, Google announced a sometimes significantly higher price for the family tariff for customers in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Turkey, Argentina, Japan, and many more The Verge reported. In the United States, it is now $22.99 per month instead of the usual $17.99, and in the United Kingdom, the price increased from £17.99 to £19.99. A price increase of between 11 and 30 percent.

In addition, prices for YouTube Premium subscriptions for individual users will also increase in Turkey (+77 percent) and Argentina (+225 percent). It remains unclear what increases can be expected in Germany. It can be strongly assumed that Google will also raise the monthly basic fee for the family tariff to EUR 19.99 or even EUR 22.99 in this country. The burden per person would thus increase significantly, especially for smaller families. A statement from Google remains to be seen.