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New features of YouTube Music roll out to other devices

YouTube Music plans to roll out its redesigned Playlist View to other devices.

Over the past few months new design changes have been introduced to YouTube Music. In the past, a redesigned library tab as well as Material You buttons were introduced. Currently, YouTube is working on rolling out the updated features to other devices. Initially, the new improved design for the playlist was introduced to Android tablets. Now, other devices are targeted for updated features all around the globe.

In accordance with some recent reports, the changes introduced to the playlist on YouTube Music are much similar to the album view redesign. The Album View redesign was launched back in June. This feature displays large cover art. With the redesigned playlist view the album or cover art is shown in the mid, with the uploader details, description as well as name of the playlist just below the cover art.

The changes to the position and display of uploader details as well as the name of the playlist are amazing. Previously, all the relevant information was jammed behind the cover art. This made the impression of a messy view. Additionally, playback controls are re-positioned. In the older version of YouTube Music, the playlist view had buttons in the shape of a rectangle for Shuffle and Play.

In the latest version of YouTube Music, a bold and bigger Play button can be viewed just under the description of the playlist. The other buttons including Download, Edit, and Share are present on either side of the Play button. Although, the Shuffle button is not instantly visible in the new design. Rather it has been placed in the overflow menu. Tap on the 3-dot icon beside the Play button to access the overflow menu. Thus, for sharing a playlist you need to use an additional tap. Though, the overall redesign is very appealing.

Currently, the new feature updates to YouTube Music are available on android phones across multiple countries. If you have not still received the updates to your Music app, clear the cache, restart the app, or check if the update is pending on your device.