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Google introduces Android 14 Developer preview 2

Despite the delay in monthly security updates, tech company Google has rolled out the Android 14 Developer Preview 2. According to recent pieces of information, the new preview has appeared right on time. However, one thing to notice here is that the new preview is a developer preview. So, we can’t expect various new features with the latest release. Besides this, this is not presented as an OTA update. It is expected to arrive with the next release, most probably a beta.  

Well, the new update is not holding several new features. tech company Google mentioned that with the latest release users are given more control over their data. Google reinforced its concern for privacy and security on both ends i.e., developers as well as users. moreover, the update is equipped with modifications that permit users to grant selective access to media files on a smartphone to an app.

Furthermore, Google has introduced a safe and easier method for signing in. It is based on a new API. The new API presents a password-free sign-in option. Since it uses passkeys. Another interesting feature of the preview is the Android device system’s health. With Android 14, the company is making changes that will streamline app performance. It includes preventing them from running when they are stuck in order to aid with improvement in battery life and usage.  

It could be the final developer preview for Android 14. Public Beta is expected to open by next month. We can anticipate that Beta 2 will be a huge upgrade in contrast to Beta 1.