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Google Universal Speech Model intends to build a 1,000-language AI model

To speed up the growth in the AI field, Google is making continuous efforts. This time, the company has come forward with another idea. The idea revolves around Google Universal Speech Model. According to reports, the company is going to add around 1,000 languages to its AI models. In this way, the company will expand the usability of AI models. As a result, the models will be available on a global scale irrespective of the language restriction.

For quite a long time, the company has been working on this AI model. It is expected to be released soon to the public. It could be introduced during the Google I/O event. Currently, some products by the company are utilizing this model. Besides this, the company is introducing some changes that will make the product available for use in the majority of apps and services.

Competition is getting tough in the AI field. For this reason, there is a requirement that things should evolve. Major tech companies are working hard to improve AI models in order to provide better consumer services. The company has shared some insights regarding the AI language model. The company has referred to the model as a “critical first step” that will enable them to hit its targets in the AI industry.

One of the notable elements of this model is that it will be capable of handling over 1,000 languages spoken around the world. Presently, the model has support for around 100 languages. Among the apps by the company that use this model, YouTube is one example. It uses the model for automatic speech recognition and translation. It has the potential to work with several languages. Besides YouTube, several other core apps also utilize this AI language model for performing speech-related activities.

Currently, the model is undergoing some changes. It is expected that some of these changes will be presented at the Google I/O event. Hopefully, the model will redesign public interaction with artificial intelligence.

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