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Google Introduces Fast Pair: No more Bluetooth paring of Android devices

Google has been working to streamline the process of pairing android devices together such as headphones, speakers with smartphones in much simpler and faster way. The new Google’s technology will let you connect your devices much easier and faster than Bluetooth.

According to Google, the new technology called Fast Pair would allow users to connect their phones with other devices in seconds, Fast Pair actually uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in order to discover the Bluetooth devices such as speakers or headphones and then makes a connection with the phone using classic Bluetooth.

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Similar to what Apple AirPods offer using a tiny chip in the earphones to make a quick connection with an iPhone which makes pairing quite easier as compared to the traditional Bluetooth connection.

Google has called upon the companies making Bluetooth devices to adopt Google’s Fast Pair.

Currently, only a handful of devices are able to support Fast Pair, Google’s Pixel Buds and Libratone’s Q Adapt On-Ear headphones, these headphones are certified to use with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL and are part of Google’s new made for Google program which recommends third-party accessories to use.

Google was closely working with Libratone and Plantronics audio maker in order to test Fast Pair, the company will launch Fast Pair supported Voyager 8200 series headphones soon.

Google is more interested in mobilizing companies that make accessories such as Headphones, Speakers, Mics, Wearables, Keyboards and other devices to start early adoption of Fast Pair. The technology will work on Android devices running all the latest versions of Android going down to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Fast Pair can be used, by putting the device in pairing mode and place it near the Android device/phone. As long as the Bluetooth and Location service are turned on, the phone will search for BLE broadcasts nearby and after discovering a Fast Pair packet, it will send the packet to Google servers, which retrieve the device’s product details and information about its companion app.