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Google is Launching Poly: An AR And VR Object Library for 3D Developers

Google is introducing a new platform referred to as Poly. This would be a platform for people where they could find and share virtual and augmented reality objects. The new tool is equipped with Tilt Brush and Blocks, Google’s VR painting and sculpting apps and is supposed to assist and facilitate people with an art library for all those individuals working with Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore or many different VR development platforms.

Objects could be searched easily made in Google Blocks. This is a more formal platform for making it much simpler to switch together with a VR or AR app. Google says that the modelers are to upload their work or creation for free, and other users can either remix this provided work or could make something new. This would be creating a new listing that would credit and link back to the original.

Files could be uploaded directly. Google is advertising the feature to pull objects directly into a VR workspace and edit them.

There are already a lot of asset stores for virtual objects. Most of these stores have payment systems that help the people to support themselves via 3D development.

Poly sounds much like some hobbyist integration, which fits ideally with the Google’s objective of building its new AR platform simply for newcomers to use.

Users can search and browse through the store now. Google says that it would be making a platform later with an API, to which developers could sign up for previewing down the road.

You may find more by visiting poly.google.com.

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