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Google I/O update 2017: 7 new features added to smartphones in Android O update

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What are you waiting for????!!!!

Yes, Google’s next update and a big release­ is going to roll out sooner or later this year—Android O beta version—entered the phase developer preview 2. In organizing the annual developer’s conference search engine boss has announced its Google I/O update which will succeed Android OS and Android Nougat.

During the event company sneak peeked into new features that are rolling out with Android O, the newer version is expected to arrive at the end of the year. Let us cover the seven new features briefly in this post;

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Picture-in-picture Mode

The new picture-in-picture is the feature which let users perform two tasks at the same time on a tablet or smartphone, by using this mode you will be able to make a video call and watch the video simultaneously as well as work on a different app in the background.

Notifications Count

As you might have seen notifications in Apple iPhone on the top right corner of each app, Smartphones running on the Android O smartphones will now be able to show similar notifications on apps without opening them, they can also turn-off notifications for each app using app settings.

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Advanced Automation

Google is pouring advance machine learning techniques in this Android O update, you will be able to select text and recognize it as an address, contact number or email ID and it will show you related options to perform further tasks. For instance, users will be able to tap on the text inside the address and the system will select it automatically as a complete address.

Faster and Smoother

Android O will make the apps run faster, Google has made many changes in runtime which will optimize the system such as garbage collection, concurrent compacting, code locality and more.

Optimizing and Battery Life

The new Android O will save lot of phone’s energy by limiting the WIFI scans, background location, This will enhance battery performance and use lesser RAM.

Chrome Optimization

Chrome will come with auto-fill feature in Android O which focuses on easy setup of new devices and synchronizing passwords. Although, not all the apps will be supported with this feature in start.

Android TV Homescreen

During the IO 2017 conference, Google also unveiled its Android TV home screen for Android O. However, the updated Android TV home screen will be launched later this year subsequently with Android O. Users will be able to navigate through the new home screen to preview, search and watch content provided by apps.

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