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WannaCry Ransomware Attack On India Increased By 100%

Global cyber-attack WannaCry Ransomware hit India couple of days ago, initially it was reported that the number of computers affected by the virus were around 90, On Thursday more cases were discovered and the total number of affected computers were more than doubled to 193. However, the government took special measures to limit the spread of this virus.

Moreover, several small and medium enterprises reported frequently that their systems have been the victim, global cyber-extortion campaign was started last Friday, disrupted public and local services around the globe forcing them to pay the ransom. Some reports suggest that the attack was initiated by North Korean hackers group Lazarus. But still there is a need for strong evidence to come to the conclusion.

New Dehli based Computer Emergency Response Team is continuously patrolling the cyber landscape to ensure maximum possible security, the head of the department sent a message to people to come forward and inform the agency if they have been a victim.

Security patches issued by Microsoft were installed by the government organizations in time to minimize the effect of attack. Some analysts warned that many ransom attacks in India might go unreported because of the pirate software used by various small and medium organizations. This could also let the attack spread across other computers.

Analyst told reuters, the companies using pirated software, do not have any patch readily available to stop the attack, it is also probable that they won’t report any attack, they would have left with no option other than trying new things.

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