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Google is revamping the Gmail design soon

Gmail upgrade

Technology and Search engine giant Google is now working on the new design of Gmail, the most popular emailing application on the web. Google is revamping the Gmail design in order to bring in more innovative and swift services. Google has already started circulating emails to the customers using G Suite. The Verge has reported and got one email from Google in this regard.

Google will throw in new design and look along with other new features and services, once the revamping is done Gmail users would be able to directly access the Google calendar via Gmail. The redesign would also allow users to snooze emails so that they can appear in the inbox later. Another expectation from Google is to offer offline email storage to the users.

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One of the Google’s executive said in the email, “We’re working on some major updates to Gmail, the changes are still in the draft phase though, so we can’t share any details as yet, we will let you know when it’s time to hit send.”

This will be one of the major changes to Gmail that Google has overlooked for years, according to Google, the revamped version would be available to early adopter plan initially and later it will be rolled out to regular users.

AMP Project Plan

Apart from Gmail updating Google has recently announced to extend its AMP project big way, Google also plans to extend AMP project in Gmail. The project will allow more interactivity and continuous updating email services. Users would be able to catch up with automatically updated flight information in a booking confirmation email. The users will be able to fill out surveys without leaving a message or even review close-up marketing pitches without opening a browser window.

Analytics Data

Google is also making changes in data retention of Google Analytics app following the general data protection regulation (GDPR). The data retention period in Google analytics is extended, now the users have to set the data retention period from 14months, 16months, 38months to 50months.