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Google Is Still Focused On Stadia


Google’s game streaming started at the end of 2019 and it quickly became clear that it would be difficult for the Californians. Because Stadia has never recovered from its weak start. Nevertheless, the group does not give up and wants to bring the service to more devices and TVs.

Three Stadia players walk into a bar. That is one of the shortest jokes of our time because it is very likely that you will not find so many Google gamers like this in one city. Because even if this type of cloud-based gaming sounds promising in theory, the Mountain View group made one mistake after the other right from the start. In concrete terms, this means that Stadia’s player numbers are very, very clear.

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Google, which is seldom hesitant to turn off services that do not prove itself, is sticking to Stadia surprisingly consistently. Like 9to5Google reports, one seeks salvation even in-flight forward. Because the search engine giant has currently advertised a vacancy for a Stadia product manager and in this one can clearly see that they want to bring the platform to new devices.

Smart TVs in focus

Stadia is already available on almost all available platforms, but Google apparently wants this number to continue to grow. The product manager should define strategies and roadmaps which devices Stadia should support. Televisions are specifically mentioned, and here too Google wants to support other models.

The latter is probably one of the few “gaps in the market” for Stadia. Apparently, there is a lot of potential in smart TVs – as a kind of replacement for the classic game console. Stadia will soon also be available for LG WebOS.

Other operating systems that can be used for this are Samsung Tizen for TVs, Amazon’s Fire TV, and, in the USA, the Roku devices. Will that help free Stadia from undead status? We have doubts.