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Did You Know Google Assistant Could Record You Even When You Didn’t Call it?

Google Assistant could record your communication even when you didn’t activate it.

Google Assistant

While we often talk with our own Google virtual assistant, we never thought that she could leak our secrets until today. According to a statement from a Google representative, Google employees often listen to what we say or speak with Google Assistant.

The company already confirmed it back inn 2019, when Google said:

We take a number of precautions to protect data during the human review process-audio snippets are never associated with any user accounts and language experts only listen to a small set of queries (around 0.2 percent of all user audio snippets), only from users with VAA turned on,

You could be thinking,”what is the big deal?” And here is the scary part – Google Assistant on a smartphone or smart speaker often initiates recording even when you don’t call it.

In another statement, the company states:

Occasionally, the Assistant will activate when you didn’t intend it to because it incorrectly detected that you wanted its help (like by a noise that sounds like “Hey, Google”). If that happens, just say Hey Google, that wasn’t for you, and the Assistant will delete the last thing it sent to Google.


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