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Google is trying to update all the outdated elements of Google Keep

Following the release of Android 12L, Google has kept up its efforts to enhance its stock apps for Android. The business unveiled upgrades for tablets and foldable phones, among other large-screen gadgets. It also simplified the process of transferring data between apps. The business is currently working to update the outdated features of Google Keep.

Soon, Google Keep will have a floating navigation bar

A new navigation bar design element is being tested by Google. The navigation bar included in the most recent Google Keep for Android version is combined with the floating action button (New Note) to create the floating navigation bar. New Note, New List, and New Drawing are the three buttons that are combined. Now that it’s positioned in the middle of the screen, it appears more aesthetically pleasing.

It certainly gives the app’s interface a more contemporary look. TheSpAndroid discovered this new design element (via 9to5Google), and it is presently available in the app’s 5.24.x version. When this feature will be made available to all users in a stable version is unknown, though. But we anticipate that the new functionality will launch within the next several months (before the official release of Android 15). Then, it will be compatible with all Galaxy tablets and phones.

In spite of all these features, Google Keep remains a pretty simple note-taking application. Although Google Gemini is being tested to generate lists of ideas for particular purposes, its feature set is far smaller than that of the Samsung Notes.

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