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Google Launched Trusted Contacts Safety App To IOS

Google Is rolling out another safety measure to Apple’s mobile IOS devices, Trusted Contacts Personal Safety App is now available on iOS devices for emergencies. It will allow more control over location sharing.

It’s Google’s second security update feature in one week, a couple of days ago Google launched SOS alerts in search and Google maps tools, which allows users to see real-time notifications and information on the map about the affected area during a disaster, terrorist attack or any other crisis.

Google contacts app safety app was launched for Android devices last year, the app lets users select and setup trusted contacts list, other people who are added to the app are able to check the current location of the person, the app can be used in emergency situations or in normal routine if someone is disappeared in the crowd during a concert or a football match.

Trusted contacts which you have added can request to expose your current location, unless you respond to the request in a given time, the app wouldn’t share your location information.

The app can be downloaded from Apple Store to install on iOS devices, it is available now for instant download and installs.

Google has also tweaked the app with some updates, now If you are online, your contacts can check if you moved around lately. If your contacts are worried about you, they can send a request to unveil your location. Rejecting the request confirms that you are OK, which was different in the previous version, if you didn’t respond within five minutes the device’s location was automatically shared with the contact.

The previous app had some privacy issues that Google has removed this time, the previous version of the app also allowed contacts to get your phone’s location if it’s offline — for occasions like hiking — when you might be in an area without coverage. It also would share your last known location five minutes after the location request was made.

You can now set the time before your location can automatically be revealed to trusted contacts who requested. You can set you the delayed time up to an hour now.

Google has also expanded its support to nine other languages including Amharic, Greek, Persian, Bahasa, Macedonian, Burmese, Nepali, Serbian and Urdu.