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Uber Will Charge You $15 Extra If You Forget Your Belongings In the Car

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During the Uber ride, if you forgot your phone or left your belongings behind in the car, you will have to pay $15 extra to get those items delivered back to you.

Uber has started taking initiatives on behalf of its independent drivers; obviously, it costs money to get back to you after some miles of traveling. Uber has recently announced accident cover for its drivers in France, the decision came after the criticism the company received from various activists, professionals and organizations.

The world’s largest ride-hailing company has announced this week, that it will charge $15 for an extra trip to return the lost items during the rides.

The extra trip fees were imposed in Chicago and Boston on Tuesday, which will be introduced later in August across the United States, and during September across Canada. However, the company hasn’t confirmed yet whether the service fees will be implemented to other countries where it’s currently free.

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According to Uber one driver who works full-time at Uber returns roughly 11 lost items to their owners in one year which makes it roughly 1 item per month. The return journey incurs cost and time which has to be paid.

Moreover, Uber also has updated the rating system, if you are to rate a trip under 5 stars, Uber will ask you the reason for rating low, if the things are beyond drivers control such as; flat tyre, traffic jam etc. the rating wouldn’t affect the drivers overall stars.

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