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Google launches Chrome on daydream view to browse the web in VR

Chrome daydream launches

Google launches Chrome browser on daydream view which will let users browse the web in virtual reality (VR), Google has announced it in a blog post yesterday.

Chrome is the browser which can be accessed on all type of platforms and devices regardless of what operating system you are using, along with daydream view, Google has also launched it on Lenovo Mirage Solo with the daydream.

This means if you own one of these headsets, you will be able to browse web directly from your homepage in virtual reality experience.

Chrome redesign after 2014 warning for users

Google has made available all the Chrome features from the voice search to the incognito mode and to save bookmarks, everything on Chrome is now accessible on Daydream headset.

Google said, “We have added some daydream specific features as well such as “Cinema Mode” this mode optimizes web videos or videos on YouTube to bring in best VR experience.

Google Chrome 67 to have this new feature

Users can browse the web on their mobile phones using chrome, whether it is a news article or YouTube video, and easily switch to the headset. After updating Android chrome to the latest version from Google Play, users can launch Chrome from the home screen of the Daydream device.

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