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Google Launches Dark Mode Theme For Web Search

Google Dark Mode

While dark themes are now standard features in mobile applications, the web version of Google search has so far had to do without a dark mode. That should change now. Some users should already see a new design.

As per reports, the search engine company has revised its web search and equipped it with a dark mode. While a white background is normally faded in, a dark gray accent color comes to the fore with Dark Mode. The text is also no longer displayed in black but in gray font. The blue hue of the links in the search results has also been changed slightly.

Function only available as A/B test

At this point in time, however, the dark design is not yet being seen by all users. The feature is currently only offered as part of an A/B test. This means that dark mode is only displayed for some of the users. With this, Google apparently wants to test how well the function is received by users. In addition, problems should be able to be identified before the theme is available to a larger number of users.

Theme cannot be controlled yet

In addition, there is currently no option with which the theme can be activated or deactivated again. So the dark mode is used by chance. Later, the dark mode could be loaded automatically if a system-wide dark mode was activated on the PC. In addition, the dark theme should in the future be controlled via the Google search settings. However, it is still unclear when this will be possible.